Not on my watch – Four simple words which are a constant guide to those that have committed themselves to serve the leadership within the body of Christ.

The job of an Adjutant is to sanctify their leader in the eyes of the people. To cover them spiritually, administratively and care for them with an expectancy of receiving a reward which goes beyond earthly blessings. The Adjutant strives to uphold the protocol of their local house and that of their reformation, if connected to one. We effectively serve on a national level, assisting with all ordinations, consecrations, services of celebration and can be utilized in any area needed. The main qualification of an Adjutant is to first have the heart of a servant, be connected to a visionary and execute the vision God has given that leader for the house. An Adjutant must be humble, willing to be seen less and serving more, willing to complete their assignment and must be teachable. This is a position in which you are expected to be poured into daily both by God and by the leader you serve under. You must be a “know it all” without ever acting like one.